RSS Is Dying and Lying with Statistics

This entry is in response to an article I saw recently online title The Death of RSS in a Single Graph.   The author’s contends that RSS is dying based on the declining trend shown in the graph.  However, the graph is an example of “Lying with Statistics” in my opinion.  Adding in the trends for newsletters shows it to be less popular than RSS in all cases over time. [Read more…]

Is Your Company Maximizing its ROI on Email Marketing and Social Media?

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A new report [download page] from the Platt Retail Institute, conducted in association with the American Marketing Association and sponsored by hybris software, compares


Josh‘s insight:

There’s no denying that marketing efforts outside of the company website have the potential to have a positive ROI.  According to this report, company websites are still offering the highest ROI compared to Social Media and Email Marketing (and have the 3rd highest ROI overall across all channels).  However, the point is really that there is a discrepancy between the amount allocated to each channel the channel’s current relative importance.  Aligning the ordering could help to further enhance the ROI provided by each of the channels.

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