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Facebook withdrawal: viral publishers see traffic plunge – Digiday

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SMBs relying on FaceBook for traffic should be well aware of the change. The best practices are to never rely on one source for all of your traffic. The latter example really shows truth in that logic. Weather it’s google facebook twitter or some other company you don’t wanna be overly dependent on third party for all of your visitors. Digiday Platforms giveth and platforms taketh away. Publishers that rely on Facebook are finding that out the hard way.
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RSS Is Dying and Lying with Statistics


This entry is in response to an article I saw recently online title The Death of RSS in a Single Graph.   The author’s contends that RSS is dying based on the declining trend shown in the graph.  However, the graph is an example of “Lying with Statistics” in my opinion.  Adding in the trends for newsletters shows it to be less popular than RSS in all cases over time. Continue reading…

Prove The Value of SEO With These Free Google Analytics Dashboards

See on – Analytics With custom dashboards in Google Analytics, you can quickly view valuable information related to your website in one glance. Click here for free downloads! See on

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Social Media Marketing World: 21 Best Tips from the Experts

See on – Online Advertising Social Media Marketing World had some of the top social media experts in attendance. Here are their best tips from the 2 day conference.   Joshua Belliveau‘s insight: These truly are some great tips!  You may even see some changes on this site as a result.  Nevertheless, I would […]

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Consumers are most open to ads while shopping. Opportunities for brands and retailers

See on – Online Advertising Digital advertisers are expected to spend $17.70 billion on online and mobile traditional display ads this year, an 18.1% growth over 2013. But are they spending it in the right places? As we argue…   Joshua Belliveau‘s insight: I couldn’t agree with the following sentiment more: “the way to make […]

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comScore at the NewFronts: UbiquiTV is the New Reality

See on – Online Advertising At the NewFronts, everyone will be looking to decipher the dynamics of this increasingly multi-platform world we live in, where the lines between TV and digital video, and premium and non-premium content, are blurring.   Joshua Belliveau‘s insight: The viewing of online videos is becoming ever more prevalent, especially […]

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Business Secret Weapon: Radio Advertising Combined With Pay Per Click – NewsWire

See on – Online Advertising According to industry experts, radio advertising is one of the few remaining forms of traditional media advertising that is expanding. Businesses are increasingly combining online advertising with radio advertising.   Joshua Belliveau‘s insight: This is definitely something to consider.  While it ventures out of the realm of strictly “internet […]

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How to Use PPC Landing Pages for Higher Conversions – Infographic

See on – Online Advertising Using targeted PPC landing pages for paid search campaigns gets you higher conversion rates and a lower cost-per-click. This infographic shows how…   Joshua Belliveau‘s insight: Landing pages are an essential component of your online marketing initiatives.  As the author points out, having a landing page alone can increase […]

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Is Your Company Maximizing its ROI on Email Marketing and Social Media?

See on – Email Marketing A new report [download page] from the Platt Retail Institute, conducted in association with the American Marketing Association and sponsored by hybris software, compares   Josh‘s insight: There’s no denying that marketing efforts outside of the company website have the potential to have a positive ROI.  According to this […]

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Ethics in Social Media Marketing: Responding to the Boston Tragedy

See on – Social Media Let’s examine two brands’ actions last week, during the frightening events in Boston: one from NBC Bay Area and the other from Ford.   Joshua Belliveau‘s insight: During any tragic event we see many messages of hope and support from people and companies posted online.  If you’re thinking of […]

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